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On the creation of a photographic chronicle of the Polish Maritime Club.

With the idea of ??sharing old photos via the Internet, I have worn for a long time, I was encouraged by the news about the departure of another sailor, our friend Jasio Prokofiev, and when I retire I have more time to implement.
There is some work with converting old negatives to digital format. Photo collections must also be pre-ordered and described, so that the clutter does not discourage viewers.

In my intention the website is to provide the following functionality:

1. Photos in viewing and copying mode for non-commercial use - an option available to everyone.

2. Posting your collections of photos / with the designation of the author / - possibility only for members of the PKM / former and current /.

3. Comments - available to everyone, after approval by the site administrator.

4. Information, adverts, interesting links, after approval by the website administrator.

Possible remarks about the appearance, rules of functioning - please email.

I also apologize for the mistakes, the memory is very unreliable, please report to the email, I will correct


Other problems - please mail